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Anhydrous lithium chloride

Chemical formula: LiCl Relative molecular mass: 42.39 Properties: the product is white crystal, easy deliquescence, taste salty. Specific gravity 2.068, melting point 605 ℃, boiling point 1360 ℃, soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in acetone, pyridine, liquid ammonia. Mainly used in the production of lithium metal, polyphenylene sulfide, can also be used as aluminum welding agent, air conditioning desiccant and special cement raw materials, as the battery industry for the production of battery electrolyte. Main application: metal lithium, polyphenylene sulfide quality standards: GB/T10575-2007

《Embracing Lithium》— Chengxin Lithium 2024 Promotional Film

《Embracing Lithium》— Chengxin Lithium 2024 Promotional Film

Safety and Green Practices in Focus : Chengxin Lithium Group's Month of Thematic Activities

With the arrival of June, we ushered in the 23rd National Safety Month and the 51st World Environment Day. To strengthen the foundation of corporate safety culture and respond to the country's advocacy for safety and environmental protection, Chengxin Lithium and its subsidiaries conducted a series of safety month themed activities, "Everyone Talks About Safety, Everyone Knows How to Respond to Emergencies, and Smooth the Life Passage," and World Environment Day themed activities, "Promoting the Construction of a Beautiful China in All Directions," to practice the concept of safety and environmental protection in parallel.

A Significant Milestone in International Expansion——The Trial Production of ChengTok Indonesia`S 60,000-Tonne Per Year Lithium Compounds Project Has Commenced

At 5:50 a.m. local time in Indonesia on June 11, 2022, the rotary kiln of Chengxin Lithium 's subsidiary, PT ChengTok Lithium Indonesia, successfully commenced material feeding, signifying the official commencement of the trial production phase for the company's inaugural overseas lithium salt production facility.

"Lithium Dream" Seeds Blossom! Zhiyuan Lithium Celebrated 2024 Children's Day

On the eve of International Children's Day, Chengxin Lithium's subsidiary Zhiyuan Lithium hosted a celebration themed "Seeds of Lithium Dreams Growing" for the children of its employees. The event aimed to nurture children's growth and allowed them to visit the company, gaining firsthand experience in the lithium-ion new energy industry.

Chengxin Lithium Organized Special Training for Employees Aiming at the New Company Law Issued in China

In order to further study and grasp the latest provisions and core content of the New Company Law of the People's Republic of China, also enhance the ability to govern enterprise according to the new law, Chengxin Lithium organized the special legal training for employees on May 17 2024. The core employees of functional departments and subsidiaries all participated in the training.

Green Power, Towards a Carbon-Free Future : Chengxin Lithium 's First Carbon-Neutral Factory is Born

On December 19, 2023, Sichuan Chengwei Lithium Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengxin Lithium (hereinafter referred to as "Chengwei Lithium"), received the Carbon Neutral Verification Statement issued by the internationally renowned international inspection and certification group Bureau Veritas (Bureau Veritas International Inspection and Certification Group). Chengwei Lithium has become the first "zero-carbon factory" created by Chengxin Lithium, marking a solid step forward in our "dual-carbon" strategy. The company is moving towards a zero-carbon new era at an accelerated pace. At the award ceremony, Bureau Veritas Group also issued ISO14064 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement, ISO14067 Product Carbon Footprint Verification Statement, and ISO50001 Energy Management System Certification to Chengwei Lithium and Chengxin's wholly-owned subsidiary Sichuan Zhiyuan Lithium Co., Ltd. and Suining Chengxin Lithium Co., Ltd.