Lithium Mining

The company's lithium mining business is implemented by its subsidiary Oino Mining. Oino Mining currently owns the mining right of the spodumene mine in Yelonggou, Jinchuan County, Sichuan Province, and the detailed exploration and exploration right of the Taiyanghekou lithium polymetallic mine in Jinchuan County, Sichuan Province. The Yelonggou spodumene mine was put into operation in November 2019, with a raw ore production scale of 400,000 tons/year and a mining area of 4.3697 square kilometers. The latest exploration volume of the spodumene mine in Yelonggou is 8.57 million tons, with a Li2O resource of 111,451 tons (average grade 1.3%).

New Energy Materials

The company’s lithium salt business is implemented by subsidiaries Zhiyuan Lithium and Suining Shengxin. The designed production capacity of Zhiyuan Lithium is 40,000 tons of lithium salt per year (including 25,000 tons of lithium carbonate and 15,000 tons of lithium hydroxide). Completed in the fourth quarter; Suining Sheng’s new design capacity is 30,000 tons of lithium salt per year, and the first phase of the 20,000 tons of lithium hydroxide project has started construction at the end of 2020. The company's lithium metal business is implemented by its subsidiary Shengwei Zhiyuan Lithium. The first phase of the 600-ton lithium metal project with a capacity of 150 tons has been put into trial production in September 2020. The products can be used in lithium batteries, medicine, alloys, and nuclear industries.

Forest Business

The company participates in Hubei Weilibang Wood Industry, Hebei Weilibang Wood Industry, Liaoning Tai'an Weilibang Wood Industry, and Taishan Weilibang Wood Industry Company. The main product is "Weilibang" brand medium (high) density fiberboard, which has been rated as "Guangdong Province". "Quality Products", "Guangdong Famous Brand Products" and "National Inspection-Free Products", products are widely used in the furniture industry, door industry, laminate flooring and other interior decoration, decoration industries and other fields. The company's forest business is mainly implemented by its subsidiaries, Guangdong Weihua High-yield Forest and Meizhou Weihua Fast-growing Forest. The main forest bases are located in Meizhou, Fengkai, Guangdong and other places, covering an area of more than 200,000 mu.

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