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Oino Mining

Jinchuan Aoinuo Mining Co., Ltd. is the company's holding company. It was established in August 2006 and is located in Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan, with a registered capital of 190 million yuan. It is an enterprise focusing on resource investment and mining and processing of mineral products. The development of Oino Mining has received strong support from the local government. Oyino Mining currently owns the mining right of Yelonggou spodumene mine in Jinchuan County, Sichuan Province and the exploration right of Taiyanghekou lithium polymetallic mine in Jinchuan County, Sichuan Province. Yelonggou spodumene mine was put into production in November 2019, with a production scale of 405000 tons/year and a mining area of 4.3697 square kilometers. The latest exploration volume of Yilonggou spodumene mine is 8.579 million tons, containing 111,451 tons of Li2O resources (average grade 1.3). Yilonggou spodumene mine is still continuing to carry out supplementary production exploration to expand the scale of mining resources. The exploration area of Taiyanghekou lithium polymetallic ore is 12.99 square kilometers. Three lithium ore (chemical) bodies and eight granite pegmatite veins have been found, which has good prospecting prospects. At present, the solar estuary lithium polymetallic ore is still in the exploration stage.