Chengxin Lithium moves its headquarter from Shenzhen to Chengdu -- Chengxin Lithium: Planning a New blueprint for its New Journey

Chengxin Lithium moves its headquarter from Shenzhen to Chengdu -- Chengxin Lithium: Planning a New blueprint for its New Journey



Under the background of the global clean energy revolution and China's promotion of the "dual carbon" goal, the strong consumer demand for new energy products has been overwhelming, and the explosive growth of the new energy industry is profoundly reshaping the industrial pattern of the world. As a listed company deeply focused on lithium new energy metals, ChengxinLithium Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengxin Lithium") is located in the upstream lithium resources and lithium products, becoming a pivotal link in the new energy industry chain.

Respond to The Times with hard work and achieve the future with hard work. On December 17, 2021, Chengxin Lithium officially moved its registered place from Shenzhen to Chengdu. In the same month, Chengxin Lithium and Shenzhen ChengtunGroup, the controlling shareholder, jointly purchased YishangJinjiang Cultural innovation Center located at 666 Yong 'an Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu city, with a total construction area of 25,500 square meters, and will build it into the headquarters office building.

Response to the call

We will contribute to the high-quality development of Sichuan's new energy industry

The Decision of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Promoting the High-quality development of green and low-carbon Industries under the guidance of achieving the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal proposed that an internationally competitive lithium electric material industry base should be built. Positive response provincial strategic deployment, Chengxin Lithium can be registered from Shenzhen moved to Chengdu, purchase property to build new headquarters, also reflected the development of an industry to fully read and confidence in the future development, can help the Chengxin Lithium headquarters close to the origin of lithium resources, improve the efficiency of management, give full play to the headquarters, subsidiary and the coordination effect of controlling shareholders, It is of great significance to realize the strategic goals of enterprise development, and will also help the high-quality development of Sichuan new energy industry.


Chengxin Lithium was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008 (stock code: 002240), and its main business is lithium mining and beneficiation as well as production and sales of lithium products. In recent years, the company's industrial layout is mainly concentrated in Sichuan, while actively integrating into the "Belt and Road" construction, in Africa, Argentina, Indonesia and other places to acquire lithium resources, lithium salt production base.

At present, Chengxin Lithium has built lithium production bases with an annual capacity of 72,000 tons in Deyang and Suining of Sichuan province, built a lithium production base with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons in Indonesia, and operated a salt lake lithium equivalent production line with an annual capacity of 2,500 tons in Argentina. It is expected that the total annual capacity of Chengxin Lithium will reach 140,000 tons in 2023.


Chengxin Lithium has the mining right of Yelonggou spodumene mine in Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture. The mine was completed and put into operation in 2019 with an annual processing capacity of 405,000 tons. It is one of the two spodumene mines in China that are stable in production.

In addition, Chengxin Lithium actively promotes the construction and operation of Sichuan Murong spodumene mine, a joint-stock company, and has rich experience in lithium mine development, construction and operation. In 2021, Chengxin Lithium acquires Zimbabwe Sabi Star lithium tantalum mine, and actively distributes Argentine salt lake, further enlarging the distribution of overseas lithium mineral resources.

realizing the win-win

A new chapter on win-win development.


Chengxin Lithium has become one of the first-line lithium product providers in China, and has established stable cooperative relations with leading enterprises in the industry such as CATL, CALB, LG, BASF Shanshan, Xiamen Tungsten, Dynanonic, BTR, Ronbay Technology, Easpring Material Technology and so on. By the end of the third quarter of 2021, Chengxin Lithium has total assets of 6.49 billion yuan, net assets of 4.72 billion yuan, operating income of 1.86 billion yuan from January to September, net profit attributable to the parent company of 540 million yuan, the company's current market value of about 40 billion yuan.

Shenzhen Chengtun Group, the controlling shareholder of Chengxin Lithium, was founded in 1993. In recent years, it has made great efforts to develop nickel, cobalt, lithium, copper and other industries of new energy metals, and realized the layout of integration from resources to materials industry by manufacturing new energy power and energy storage battery raw materials. It has invested over ten billion yuan in Sichuan Province. In addition to holding Chengxin Lithium, Shenzhen Chengtun Group also controls another listed company, Chengtun Mining.


The flight had been fixed and the blueprint was being drawn. In the future, Chengxin Lithium will focus on lithium resources and products, continuously increasing investment, center around "resources, scale, quality, customer" to carry out the work, enhance resource reserves, expand the scale of production capacity, improve product quality, serve the downstream customer, and is committed to become a global leading supplier of lithium products production capacity and quality, in order to promote the green low carbon high quality advantage industry development contribution strength.




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