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Report of Sealand Securities Co., Ltd. on continuous supervision and training of Chengxin Lithium group Co., Ltd. 下载
Announcement on receipt of the price of the second transaction of the sale of shares of the participating company 下载
Announcement on the pledge of shares by the concerted action of the controlling shareholder. 下载
Annoucement on providing guarantee for bank loan of wholly-owned subsidiary Shengwei Zhiyuan International Co., LT 下载
Announcement on the change of the company's registered address to complete the industrial and commercial registration of changes 下载
Report of Sealand Securities Co., Ltd. on regular on-site inspection of Chengxin lithium group Co., Ltd. in 2021 下载
Indicative notice on the listing and circulation of the first restricted stock incentive Plan for the first grant portion of the first restricted stock sale period 下载
Announcement on the release of pledge of some shares of the controlling shareholder 下载
Announcement of resolution of the 20th meeting of the 7th Board of Supervisors 下载
The verification opinions of the Board of Supervisors on the achievement of lifting the restriction conditions of 下载
Independent opinions of independent directors on matters related to the thirty-first meeting of the seventh board 下载
Announcement on the achievement of the first rescission conditions of the first rescission period of the first ves 下载
Independent financial consultant's report of Shenzhen Tashan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. on the ach 下载
Beijing Wanshang Tianqin Law Firm's legal opinion on Chengxin Lithium Group Co., LTD unlocking part of the qualifi 下载
Announcement on providing guarantee for bank loans of Sichuan Zhiyuan Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned s 下载
Announcement of resolutions of the thirty-first meeting of the seventh Board of Directors 下载
Announcement on the progress of more than half of the reduction time of shareholders' reduction plan 下载
Announcement on participating in the online collective reception day activity of investors of listed companies in 下载
Notice on providing guarantee for bank loan of holding subsidiary Suining Chengxin Lithium Co., LTD 下载
Announcement on the issuance of exchangeable bonds by the controlling shareholders for share pledge 下载

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